Meeting Schedule
Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome.

Date Type Title
5/2/2016 Meeting

Join us for our annual auction, with resident auctioneer Richard Wildemuth, as we search for bargains offered by members - from tickets to local events, restaurant offers, local products and much more

5/4/2016 Event

This event is for all new members since November 2014.  Several club offices will provide information on the various activities and events of the club.  Lunch will be ordered from the menu. ...

5/9/2016 Meeting

Dr. Robert Nix, from the UW- School of Human Ecology, focuses his research on the development and rigorous evaluation of prevention programs to promote adaptive social-emotional functioning and prevent...

5/10/2016 Event

Need several volunteers to run bingo and help residents play. Contact Tom Brodd for more info.

5/12/2016 Event

Bloodmobile volunteering to include 3 shifts of approximately 2 1/4 hours each for resgistration, and donor assist/canteen.

The Dept. of Revenue is located at 2135 Rimrock Road, just across the street...

5/16/2016 Meeting

State Superintendent of Public Education since 2009, Tony Evers has had a challenge steadfastly working to transform Wisconsin's education system in order to realize the vision of "Every Child...

5/23/2016 Meeting

Identity Theft is a major concer of most Americans, especially with the headlines about cyber-security.  Our speakers, Jeanne Mraz and Laura Zach offer a unique view on this interesting topic.

5/28/2016 Event

On the 4th Saturday of the month, we make and serve a meal for the neighborhood who need or want it and clean up afterward. 6-10 volunteers are needed. Contact Dick Hammerstrom for more info.

2/5/2017 Event

Centennial anniversary of the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison