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Serving the Children of the World
Highway 19 Cleanup
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Over a dozen club members picked up litter on Highway 19 betwen River Rd. and...

Downtown Madison Donation to save over 12000 mothers and babies
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The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison President Ed Young, Jr. (left) presents...

Selling Raffle Tickets for Handcrafted Kayak
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Every other year a team of Kiwanians build a cedar canoe or kayak from raw materials...

UW Madison Circle K Shines at Annual Convention
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The Circle K Club at UW Madison, sponsored by Downtown Madison Kiwanis, received... more
Downtown Kiwanis Partners with the Celebrate Children Foundation
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The Celebrate Children Foundation in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Downtown...


The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison is a service club with a membership of around 90 men and women. It was founded in 1917 as one of the first Kiwanis Clubs in the State of Wisconsin. We are one of approximately 8,000 Kiwanis Clubs worldwide.

Our Mission
The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison is a diverse group of men and women who dedicate themselves to personal involvement and financial support focused on community needs and to club activities that foster personal growth and build camaraderie.

The club usually meets at the Coliseum Banquet Hall, 232 East Olin Avenue on Mondays at 12:10 following a buffet lunch, although there are exceptions for a handful of days each year. In addition to the weekly luncheon meetings,
are a number of projects and activities available throughout the year.


Coming Projects and Activities

Date Type Title
10/6/2014 Meeting

President Ed Young will turn the reins of leadership of Downton Kiwanis over to Ned Paschke as incoming President.  Ed, who has serverd admirably this past year, will summarize his leadership achievements and Ned will outline his goals for the coming year.  Kiwanis International Officer Bruce Hoehne will do the honors swearing the new Downtown Kiwanis officers.

10/13/2014 Meeting
10/14/2014 Event

Need several volunteers to run bingo and help residents play. Contact Joe von Elbe for more info.

10/15/2014 Event

The cost is $22 which includes the meal, tip, tax and parking.  Leslie Howard, President of the United Way is the speaker.  Contact Richard Berling for details.

10/18/2014 Event

Our semi-annual cleanup of Highway 19 is on Saturday, May 3, starting at 9:00AM.  We will meet at the intersection of Highway 19 and River Road.  With enough people, it takes about 1 ½ hours.  Please bring gloves and appropriate footwear.  We will be walking in and out of ditches and the grass may be wet.  The collection bags and vests will be furnished.  This is a great opportunity to do volunteerism as a family.  Bring along your spouse and teenagers.

10/20/2014 Meeting

The Madison Opera is an amazing asset of The Overture Center and The City of Madison.  Heading this incredibly professional and innovative company, Kathryn Smith is the General Director and biggest promoter of this non-profit organization that produces three very high-quality operas per year.  Please come to hear Ms. Smith describe plans for this year and as she shares her vision for the future.

10/25/2014 Event

On the 4th Saturday of the month, we make and serve a meal for the neighborhood who need or want it and clean up afterward. 6-10 volunteers are needed. Contact Joe von Elbe for more info.

10/27/2014 Meeting

Jen Roman is one of the roughly 13% women serving in the Madison Fire Department.  She has taken an interesting path to the top beginning as a dispatcher in Shorewood Hills and finally to the top of a major city department.  Jen will discuss the roll of women in an environment which traditionally is male dominated.

11/3/2014 Meeting
11/10/2014 Meeting

Dr. Uli Schamiloglu, the Chairman of the U-W Middle East Department returns to continue his frank snapshot of that part of the world.  The daily headlines provide many images of a Middle East that is torn with dissent, both internally and externally.  Since Dr. Schamiloglu last visited Downtown Kiwanis in July, new developments have punctuated the importance of the Middle East in the world. 

11/17/2014 Meeting
11/24/2014 Committee

Review investment portfolio, income and expenses and other foundation business

9/14/2015 Event

Times to be set closer to date of event.

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