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Downtown Madison Kiwanis Moves to Madison Club
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Kiwanis of Downtown Madison has moved to The Madison Club, at 5 E. Wilson Street....

Highway 19 Cleanup
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Over a dozen club members picked up litter on Highway 19 betwen River Rd. and...

Downtown Madison Donation to save over 12000 mothers and babies
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The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison President Ed Young, Jr. (left) presents...

Selling Raffle Tickets for Handcrafted Kayak
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Every other year a team of Kiwanians build a cedar canoe or kayak from raw materials...

UW Madison Circle K Shines at Annual Convention
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The Circle K Club at UW Madison, sponsored by Downtown Madison Kiwanis, received... more


The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison is a service club with a membership of around 90 men and women. It was founded in 1917 as one of the first Kiwanis Clubs in the State of Wisconsin. We are one of approximately 8,000 Kiwanis Clubs worldwide.

Our Mission
The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison is a diverse group of men and women who dedicate themselves to personal involvement and financial support focused on community needs and to club activities that foster personal growth and build camaraderie.

The club usually meets at the Madison Club at 5 E. Wilson St. on Mondays at 12:10 following a buffet lunch, although there are exceptions for a handful of days each year. In addition to the weekly luncheon meetings,
are a number of projects and activities available throughout the year.

Coming Projects and Activities

Date Type Title
3/2/2015 Meeting

Kambona is a native Maasai and a master safari guide who was raised in the savannahs of East Africa.  He leads trips in the land of Kililanjaro, Serengeti and Zanzibar.  A world-class marathoner,...

3/9/2015 Meeting

Phil Hands is a political cartoonist for the Wisconsin State Journal.  As he says, he strives for being objective.  If he gets complaints from both the left and right, he feels as if he has met...

3/10/2015 Event

Need several volunteers to run bingo and help residents play. Contact Joe von Elbe for more info.

3/16/2015 Meeting

Our annual FFA meeting with Dane County FFA members and award winners.  A good chance to hear an agriculture-related program and to meet the future ag teens.  Dr. Dietram Scheufele, Department...

3/23/2015 Meeting

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval has been on the job for nearly a year.  He is a native Madisonian, a graduate of Madison West High School and the University of Wisconsin.  Mike has been with...

3/28/2015 Event

9:30 AM to about 12:30 PM on the 4th Saturday of the month. We make and serve a meal for the neighborhood who need or want it and clean up afterward. 6-10 volunteers are needed.

3/30/2015 Meeting

Professor Emeritus of Sociology Joe Elder has taught for 50-years at the University of Wisconsin.  He is an academic and lifelong Quaker peace activist with experience of mediating conflicts in Kashmir,...

4/6/2015 Meeting

Edgewood Dean of Education Tim Slekar is not one to back away from controversy.  Dean Slekar has warned about the dangers of corporate-backed education reform for years is a founder of United Opt...

4/7/2015 Committee

Leader: Tim Harrington

Host: John Ick

4/13/2015 Meeting

Dean Kathryn Vanden Bosch, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, will discuss the current budget situation and governor's proposal as it could affect her college's ability to support Wisconsin's...

4/20/2015 Meeting

Meg Galloway, chief of dams and floodplain management for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will discuss the infrastructure of maintenance, repair, modification, or abandonment and removal...

4/27/2015 Meeting
5/4/2015 Meeting
5/11/2015 Meeting

 Fred Schnook is the Executive Director of the Madison Communinty Action Coalition.

5/18/2015 Meeting

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